Chemical Peels Specialist

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Chemical Peels

  • SkinBetter AlphaRet Chemical Peel 30% / AlphaRet Chemical Peel 50%

  • The SkinBetter AlphaRet Chemical Peels 30% and 50% are proprietary blends of Salicylic, Glycolic and Lactic acid as well as AlphaRet Serum.
  • How does it work-
    • This peel system does not have a burning feeling but a prickly feeling. It is non-heat activated and works
from the inside out. The gel formulation that is applied is left on for up to 3 min.
  • The peel system puts your skin cellular turnover in “FAST Forward” and on Day 3 patients should feel a suede feeling
when cleansing versus your typical peeling. This fast forward skin cellular turnover lasts for at 15-20 days and allows you to get results with NO downtime
  • No peeling and is meant to be a monthly maintenance or done in a series of 3 for treating blemished and problematic skin!